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How to write a professional CV in 2019 for jobs in UAE & GCC

You asked yourself how to write professional cv for uae jobs?   Have you found your dream job? Are you sick and tired of your old job and planning to start a new job with better salary and facilities? Do you think that your old CV might not meet the latest requirements of professional CV writing? Well, you not the only one dealing with this problem. There are many fresh graduates and old job seekers who are planning to get professional CV services. However, we all know that such services are very expensive and they cannot display your skills the way you could. To help you out here we have a list of amazing tips that will allow you to learn how to write CV for jobs.

1. Add contact information correctly

You will be surprised to know that there are many job seekers who do not write correct contact information. That is why recruiters are unable to contact them. In a professional CV your contact information should be properly written in the header of the CV, so recruiters will not have to search for it. You should mention your correct email address, phone number and mailing address. It will allow HR department to contact you using any method that they want. It should be in the right color and font to assure that it is clearly visible.

2. Select the right CV format

In CV writing the biggest mistake most people make is they do not select the right CV format and template for their CV. That is why they are unable to attract recruiters. The best solution for this problem is to pay attention to the company and post you are applying for. In case it is a designing company your CV template and format should be artistic and creative. On the other hand, if you are applying to an IT company you should select the template accordingly. It will attract the HR and they will surely pay attention to what you have to offer.


3. Always begin with personal profile

how-to-write-contact-information-cvA professional CV writing tactic is that you should always start your CV with your personal profile. It should be only 100 to 150 words long. Write an attractive paragraph with all the reason that why you are perfect employee they have been looking for. Make it short, sweet and interesting. Assure that even your personal profile should be about the company. It should show the recruiters that how you are the best candidate for the job and how you can help the company meet its goals and lead it towards success. Select some of the best words like excellent to show the amazing skills and strengths you have that could be helpful for the company and are perfect for this post.

4. Professionally write your education section

When it comes to the education section in a professional CV you have to be extra careful. You have to mention all the degrees and diplomas that you have done. Starting from the high school education to college and university you have to mention your year of education correctly. Even if the recruiters tally they should always get accurate information. After that mention any other diplomas or training classes that you have attended to master your skills. Make the educational section to the point and do not add any information or stories that frustrate the recruiters. It should be clear because in this section they only want to know about your education.

5. Write relevant skills in cover letter that suits the job vacancy

Never submit your CV without a cover letter. Commonly recruiters will put aside the CVs which do not have a cover letter. That is why during CV writing your cover letter should be professionally written because it is the first thing HR manager will notice and decide whether they should look into the CV or not. The cover letter should be simple and short. It should specifically have all the skills and strengths that you have. Prefer mentioning the skills first which are required for the job vacancy to get the attention of recruiters. You can even highlight your skills in this section if you want.

6. Include additional sections

If you want a professional CV make sure to include additional sections. However, they should come after the main education and experience section. You should only write relevant information in these sections that are related to the company and post that they are offering. Do not include additional information that company does not need because it will leave a negative impression.

Do not forget to review you CV as many times as possible. It will help you remove all the grammatical and other errors that you might have made. Edit it accordingly to assure that your CV is error-free.

BONUS: 7 tips for writing the experience section in CV

Writing the experience section is the toughest job while writing your CV. If you are unable to write it perfectly you may not be able to attract the recruiters. That is why here we have some simple tips that can help you write a perfect experience section.

  1. List the previous jobs in a chronological sequence. You have to mention your recent employment first. If you are a fresh graduate make sure to mention any internships you have done during your education.
  2. State the correct facts regarding your previous employments including the dates.
  3. Mention all the skills that company is looking for
  4. Highlight all the strengths you have in this section
  5. Even with limited work experience you should mention your voluntary work because it counts
  6. Always use positive language in the experience section of CV. Carefully select your words that would show you as high performing employee.
  7. Only focus on your strongest strengths that you have

We hope that these tips will help you write a professional CV that will help you get your dream job. However, you should be aware of the right time of writing and sending the CV because you will only get a job when vacancies are available otherwise your CV will go into waiting list and the competition will get stronger.

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