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8 Steps: How to get a job in UAE & Dubai Free Get job now!


How to find Jobs in UAE  free? Best & Free guide to get your dream job in UAE & Dubai

How to get a job in Dubai? Personally, I know that it is hard to get a job in UAE & Dubai Free. It is long process and time-consuming because you will fill lot of endless job forms and advertisement. At the end of the process you will be rejected because of many factors but do not worry, I will guide you step by step on how to get a job in UAE, Here is the best ways to get a job in UAE & Dubai. In this blog, I will guide you to 5 easy steps to find a job in UAE & Dubai, I wish someone had told me before about how to get job in UAE without Experience Easy & effective.

How to get a job in Dubai & UAE free.

how-to-find-a-perfect-jobThis is the main question in the guide, I am going to teach you, all the steps & tricks to get your job in UAE. Fast & Easiest way, if you follow my guide step by step, You will be able to grab the attention of many Recruiters, Hiring Mangers in UAE, it will end with many interviews & job offers in UAE.


What do you need to get a Job in UAE & Dubai

  • You need to send your CV to the right place and right employers.
  • You don’t need to speak or write Arabic because English is spoken everywhere in UAE, English is the second language in Dubai.
  • You need a professional-good CV that highlights your skills and education, experience (if available).
  • Create LinkedIn account to find out the available job opportunities in UAE & Dubai.
  • Commonly employers reject job seekers because they do not write a good CV. Click here to write a perfect CV that guarantee job interviews in UAE & Dubai.

Can I get a job without experience, Is it important to have experience to work in UAE?

Maybe you graduated a few months ago and you are looking for hyour first real job in the market. Or perhaps you want to change your current job because it doesn’t meet your life requirements. but either way, you are in front of a big challenge, getting a job without experience isn’t easy but you can do it don’t worry!

3 Tips to get a job without any experience:

Edit your resume as much as you can & apply for every job

Even if you do not have experience, Think about your education and courses & Projects, volunteering, etc. and mention it in your CV. Think about how Your courses & Projects relates to the job you willl apply to.

Editing your CV is time taking process but it will guarantee more responses. You rather 50 applications and 1 response? Or 20 applications & 5 response’s.


Apply to companies that aren’t hiringhow-to-get-job-in-dubai-uae-without-experience

You don’t know when a company will start hiring, They will save your resume until they have a vacancy So when vacancies available they’ll contact you, most growing companies adding entry level people to bring new experience to the company. One of the previous companies I was working with they was always doing this. Sometimes they recruit active recent graduates or jobseekers without any experience.


Use this easy way to apply for vacancies on LinkedIn

Do you want to find jobs faster? Then you should apply a Lot!. Doesn’t matter how good your cover-letter & Resume is. Companies post job vacancies. Afterwards, they change their minds & Change Requirements. Sometimes they decide to hold the process for a month or two.

Perfect Cover Letter & How it helps to get a job in UAE free.

Everyone knows that CV/Resume is critical to the job searching process but it is not the most important document you will need to guarantee interviews. You need a great Cover Letter that Highlight your skills & qualities There are two reasons why.

  • You are allowed to target the job you are searching for and the Hiring Manager specifically, the resume will market your skills & experience but the cover letter is very different because it is the first information page the employer will read about you. You should write a Cover Letter That match your skills and experience in a perfect way to attract employers and hiring manager in UAE.
  • A perfect written cover letter should not copy your CV in a short form, it should inform the hiring manager why you are the best person to the advertised job & why you want to work for the company. Furthermore, it should include why you should be working for the specific company & how you will improve it & the qualities you will bring that company.


Writing a Perfect Cover Letter is not a simple process, it requires knowledge & understanding + thought.

Many hiring manager read the cover letter first. Some of them will not even read your CV/Resume until they are convinced with the content of your cover letter. Therefore, it is very critical document in the job searching process.

If you need interviews, you will have to convey recruiter & Hiring managers:

  • You are my recruiter of choice
  • I have reviewed the job vacancy you advertised and I understand your business
  • I really want to be hired for an organization with your values

 Best Cover Letter Writing Guide

Is it hard to get a job in UAE & Dubai?

Dubai & UAE are among the fastest growing economies in the world. It’s attracting employees as well as grabbing the attention of business mans & investors from various countries, That’s why there are various job vacancies. Hundreds of employees move to Dubai for new jobs because of the various job vacancies, marketing is the key in our modern world.

Marketing your CV, LinkedIn Profile, to recruiters & employers is the easiest way to get a job in UAE & Dubai Free. It is easy to get a job in UAE if you know what you are doing.

Hunting a job in UAE & Dubai: The Detective Plan

How to get a job in UAE? Basically, You have to understand what you will do and you
have to apply to the jobs that suit you, For example, if you are an engineer.
Do not apply to Salesman fields or Customer Service Field. You should apply to
the field that belongs to you because when you apply to a career field that does
not belong to you the percentage of being refused by employers & recruiters
is 95%. While applying to a field that you have experience in or
some knowledge about the responsibilities you will handle you will be accepted by
employers  with 80% — 85% success rate.

Where to apply? And how to find my job in UAE & Dubai

This is a list of job boards, it’s the best free websites to get a job in UAE,



Dubizzle is a job board website used by companies and recruiters, they post vacancies in their companies to get employees, and it is a source to find active job seekers in UAE & Dubai.



LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools to find a job, a lot of job seekers & companies uses it, you have to create a profile. Fill it with your information & skills. Afterwards, Start applying for jobs that is suitable for your career, Remember do not apply for jobs that does not belong to your field because it will result with a rejection at the end.


Monster gulf is a job board website, it is similar to, you will have to register only it’s free. Afterwards, start applying to job vacancies.



The same thing here, Register & Start applying to the available job vacancies in your field. Afterwards, Within 2 to 7 days they will send you an interview email or phone call, if you are suitable to the job they have advertised.








That is a list of the best job boards in UAE, It will make your job-hunting easier & faster, we cannot go through all job boards, and we have shared with you the most trusted & reputable job boards in UAE.


Check out our CV writing guide if you do not know how to write a professional CV.

Writing a professional CV, Will help you to make the job searching process short and easier.


If you want an easy way to get a job in UAE without spending that much time & efforts, You can try our CV Distribution Service, Using our CV Distribution your CV will be in front of 200,000+ Companies & HR, Recruiters in UAE.


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