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How To Write a Stunning Cover Letter for Jobs in Dubai & UAE 2019 Templates.


How to write a professional cover letter for jobs

For any job, the resume is the key because of its shows your identification, your qualification, and personal details. The professional resume requires many other documents as well as a cover letter. A good and professional letter can decide the destiny of the person because the cover letter is the one that decides the main objective and the need for the job. So, if you want to get a good job, make sure you have a professional cover letter with it.

If we describe the cover letter in words,

“It is a letter that based on the single-page only and it attaches along with resume and job application”.

If you put a great impression on the manager, make sure you have attached the cover letter with the job application whether the company asks for it or not. People often many mistakes while posting their resume for any job for example:

  1. They never add cover letter along with their resume that consists of more than two pages.
  2. They never give the right contact information
  3. They write fake experience and qualification, if the company knows about it they can also take the legal action against you. It will ruin your future and career. So be wise.
  4. They never make any difference between cover letter and job application; remember these are two different things.
  5. The cover letter is consisting of one page only but some people make it long.

These are a few mistakes that should avoid while writing a cover letter to show your professional attitude towards job and career. If you are confused about the cover letter making, don’t worry, in his article, you will find out the purpose and guide of cover paper. Let’s talk about the purpose of the cover letter.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

2- The purpose of a cover letter:

These are the things that describe the purpose of the cover letter:

  1. First of all, introduce yourself
  2. Now, mention the post and category of career you’re applying for or penetrating for.
  3. In this paragraph, you have to show that your talents and skill coordinate with the great abilities and experience probable to carry out the charge
  4. You have to Inspire the reader to consider your resume
  5. Finish with an invitation to take action (for instance, requesting a meeting or a gathering)

These points show the purpose of cover letter along with resume. Now, let’s describe the steps to write a cover letter. Let’s have a look.

3- How to write a cover letter:

Here is the full guide of writing a cover letter; here are the few steps of writing the better cover letter.

1.     Contact Information:

The cover letter starts with the personal details of yours in which, name, phone number, your email address and other contact details.

2.     Greeting:

For the professional cover letter, do not make the mistake of asking or writing the typical greeting styles like “To whom it may concern.”

3.     The “Intro” Paragraph:

The first paragraph is very important because it can grab the attention of the reader or make it fad up from this letter. So, do not add extra things or stories about yourself. Just write three to four lines, in which you have to write about yourself and give brief about your intro.

4.     The “Body” Paragraphs:

This is the second and the main paragraph of the cover letter. It is the main paragraph that is why it is called the body paragraph of the cover letter. In this paragraph, you have to write about the abilities and qualities that the company required. You have to convince the reader that you are the one whom the company finding till now. You have to convince the company that your abilities are best for the company.

5.     Call-to-Action:

After your full intro, telling about your abilities and experiences, now, it’s time to tell the company that you are available for the interview anytime.

6.     The Sign-off:

In the end, write down kind words that are purely professional like

  1. Sincerely
  2. Regards
  3. Best Regards

And also add your name along with it.

4- Ways to get help to write a cover letter:

write-cover-letter-for-winning-interviewsThere are many other ways to write the cover letter and the professional cover letter is necessary for the resume and job. After writing the full guide of how to write a cover letter, it’s time to find the ways that help write cover letters:

i.    Ask professional:

There are many professionals that are ready to assist you. You can take the assistance of there and write a professional cover letter for the job. The professional will take care of your cover letter and make it short and effective. You might not write the perfect one but the professional knows his job.

ii.    Go online:

You can go online and find hundreds of cover letter. You can copy them and use it with your resume. There is different kind of cover letters for the different field, so make sure you are choosing the right professional cover letter.

iii.    Templates cover letters:

Some many samples and templates are available online. You can download them and use them. The template is a sketch of the cover letter so; it will be easy for you to write down your cover letter without any assistance. Moreover, it’s free you can download them as the requirement of your job.

iv.    Watch videos:

If you don’t understand the other ways, simply go to YouTube and watch the step by step tutorials. The internet is full of material, only need to choose the required stuff for your need.


The cover letter is very important for the job because it can show your ability and professionalism. Some resumes are consist of more than two pages so, here cover letter will make easy to know the officials about you in short intro. You can take the assistance of the professionals or also watch online tutorials to write a perfect cover letter.

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