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How to write a professional LinkedIn profile for jobs in UAE

Anyone who is not interested to get any job, it may be easy for him to ignore the LinkedIn profile but anyone who is searching for a job and conscious about getting the job as soon as possible, it is important for him to create a professional LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is definitely the best platform for the job seekers who are expert enough to make fast links with the people. LinkedIn will not only allow you to make the contacts with the people rather it can give you everything you should need to get a job fast.

How to write a LinkedIn profile professionally?

If you are conscious that how you can make your professional LinkedIn profile, now, you don’t need to be worried about it; we are here with the number of amazing tips that will guide you to create your professional LinkedIn profile.

Completeness of profile is essential

completeness-linkedin-profile-writingYou must spend some time to make your profile complete. Try to complete your profile in the way that will attract more recruiters and there will be prominent chances of your being getting hired. The first thing that matters is the completeness of the profile. The first thing that the recruiter notices to mark you eligible for the recruitment is the completion of your profile.

Try to mention all these things:

  • Your skills and expertise in a particular field
  • Your previous experiences
  • The places where you have worked before

All these things will count in professionalism and you should never be lazy in adding all these essentials in your profile. At LinkedIn, you will find proper instructions to make your profile complete. Moreover, you will also get some suggestions on how you can make your profile even stronger to attract recruiters.

LinkedIn profile optimization is essential

Optimization of your LinkedIn profile means you are a professional. By the optimization of your LinkedIn profile, it will become easy for the recruiters to know about your skills and expertise fast. You need to optimize your LinkedIn profile strategically.

Following things are included in the optimization of the LinkedIn profile:

  • Headline
  • Profile summary
  • Working experience

Showcase your expertise in the best way

quick-tipsIt is essential to showcase all your expertise and skills professionally. The things that you must include in your LinkedIn profile are:

  • Your industry and location
  • Dates of the previous working experiences should be clear
  • Uploading a profile photo is essential
  • Adding your recent position and job description is essential
  • Employment dates are important to add in the experience section
  • Properly fill out the education section
  • You should add at least 5 skills to inspire the recruiter
  • A LinkedIn summary is essential to add
  • Connection with at least 50 professionals on LinkedIn will favor you

Use customize URL for your profile

If you wish that more people or recruiters will reach you, using customized URL is essential to publicize your profile. Don’t go for clucky automatic assigns of LinkedIn. On a LinkedIn profile, you will find an option to edit the profile URL. By using this option, you can customize the URL the way you want.

The headline should be outstanding

First of all, you should select a clear and great profile photo for your LinkedIn profile. After that, yours heading of the profile should be attractive and outstanding. You should use the heading that will depict the purpose of making the profile. You need to remain specific and try to use the headline in the way that will keep you in the competition and will convince the recruiters to must hire you. Always choose the headline that rock!

Write about yourself according to the job description

linkedin-profile-writingYou should read the job description well and try to tell the recruiters that you are the best according to the defined job description. Choose the appropriate words and phrases to show your expertise and experience to the recruiters. Always write the attractive summary of your profile that will convince the recruiter that you are best for this job. Always choose the words that will stand out in such situations.

Never add a lengthy summary to your LinkedIn profile

Always try to add a summary. The summary should not exceed 3-5 short paragraphs. If you will write a long summary, it may decrease the interest of the recruiters. The summary should clearly define your passion for the work. Bullet points will be beneficial to add to attract the recruiters towards the summary of your profile. Key skills, qualifications, and past experiences should be added in the summary in a precise way. Summary should be so catchy to attract the recruiter.

Adopt a welcoming and warming style to attract recruiters

linkedin-profile-writing-logoYour style should be welcoming and warming. You should always use the good stuff to attract more recruiters towards your LinkedIn profile. You should include the numbers and the case studies if needed to make your LinkedIn profile attractive. By your warm welcome and professional summary let the recruiters know yourself. You know, “the first impression is the last impression” So, doesn’t compromise on the first impression of your profile whenever the recruiter will try to reach you. The recruiter should feel good about your style and personality. Keep on an eye on the styles that other professionals on LinkedIn use. The more your profile will depict professional, the chances of your hiring will increase.

At LinkedIn profile, show your maximum interest to let maximum people know that you are interested in your work. Your LinkedIn profile must show your enthusiasm. You are suggested to join the groups and the conversations that are relevant and related to your expertise and interests. You should show the status line to the people to clarify how well you can work in your field. It would be the best way to connect with the best leaders in the industry. LinkedIn will be the best source to build your career to move you one step forward towards your ultimate success.

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