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CV-Distribution Service


CV Distribution Service in Dubai And UAE

  1. Are you looking for your dream job but tired of searching job sites?
  2. You don’t have that much time to search for a new job in UAE?
  3. Do you want to change your current job in UAE because you are not satisfied?
  4. Is it getting hard for you to meet your requirements with the salary you get?
  5. Are you looking for a job where your talent and skills will be appreciated and acknowledged?

You are not the only one dealing with these problems in UAE. CV Distribution/Forwarding is the best choice for you. There are hundreds of people out there looking for jobs in UAE and Dubai. Do not worry because we are here with the allocation and Resume distribution services to help you find your dream job in UAE. With the multifaceted links and networks in UAE we can make sure that your CV is distributed to all the top employers and recruiters. Resume Forwarding is your solution.

What is CV Distribution Service?

Our CV Forwarding service is the fastest way that will get your CV in front of many employers around UAE and Dubai.

Regardless of the job you are looking for, after registration to any of our CV Distribution services, we will help fast-track the entire recruitment process to assure that you will have your job interview in UAE.

We have a huge database of contacts, which means within seconds your CV will be on the front desk of.

  1. Private companies in UAE
  2. UAE Recruitment agencies
  3. Semi-government and government authorities of UAE
  4. HR companies
  5. Top enterprises
  6. Free zone companies

Our experts are updating the contacts and databases on a regular basis to assure that your CV is sent on the right address. Your CV and portfolio will be stored permanently on our client database. It will help recruiters and employees in UAE to find you when they have a vacancy.


Benefits of getting CV Distribution Services

  • Resume Forwarding helps you to find Jobs in UAE we will distribute your CV to thousands of companies.
  • You will not have to search for recruiters in UAE to send your CV because they will find you.
  • Your chances of getting your CV found by potential and reliable employers in UAE will increase.
  • There is no need to contact different recruitment agencies in UAE to send your CV. When there is a suitable vacancy, they will contact you. It is a strategy you can use for marketing your talent and skills in UAE that will automatically increase your credibility and visibility in the job market.
  • Our team will place your CV on the desk of employers in UAE who are actually looking for talented individuals. Other benefits of getting CV Distribution services are.

Other benefits of CV Distribution

You don’t need to send your CV to thousands of recruiters in UAE who do not even have a vacancy for you. We will help you save your time by only sending your CV to screened and selected recruiters.

CV distribution services will save your time because your CV will be sent directly in the inbox approved and screened recruiters. We will send your CV to a database of 200,000+ Companies in UAE.

Recruiters will be able to find you and you will not have to find them.

You will get acknowledged for 80% of the jobs which have never been advertised.

Within days you will be called for your job interview in UAE. You will get acknowledged for the jobs which have not been advertised.

Your CV will be in safe hands so whenever you plan on getting a new job in UAE and Dubai you can reach out to us.


Receive Calls & Emails

You might have been wondering how long it will take to get a call for a job interview. After we complete the CV Blasting process it will hardly take 6 to 8 hours for you to receive your first call or email from the company in UAE. In rare cases it might take 1 to 2 days.

However, there are chances that no vacancies are available which are suitable according to your education and skills. In such situations you will have to be patient because companies will save your CV to call you when a vacancy is available.

Is there a way to know you started my CV distribution process?

When the CV Forwarding process begins we will inform our clients through an email.

Soon you will begin to receive automatic replies, email replies and interview calls. Keep in mind that automatic replies might not be representing all our clients. This is a proof that we have distributed your CV.

We are pretty sure that you will like our services and enjoy our benefits.

What our clients say

Thank You


Thank you so much for the professional and creative CV writing. The way you highlighted all the skills I have is amazing, and it helped me get my dream job. After getting your CV distribution services, I received more than 10 calls within 2 days, which is simply fantastic. I

Rabi D'Souza
Mechanical Engineer

Thank you the best career services ever!


I was new in the UAE and did not know how to look for a reliable job. I had my CV, but it was not according to the requirements of the companies in Dubai. Clueless, I used their services, and they surprised me on every level. The professional CV writing

Rayan Haidar
Business Strategist is the best CV Distribution providers!


CV writing and CV distribution services are amazing and fast. They helped me find my dream job for which I have been struggling for many years. The customer support team makes it easy to use the services. They are amazingly fast. I was surprised when I got the first call

Qusai Omar

Best Career Services I recommend it for every jobseeker in UAE.


Professional CV writing and CV distribution service providers saved me from the stress and headache of searching for a job in Dubai. I was new here, and it was confusing for me to adjust to the new environment and look for a new job. They helped me distributing my CV

Bogba Baw
Call Center Agent

Amazing & Fantastic CV Distribution Service Thank you!


Amazing, fantastic, fast, reliable, and results-generating are some of the words I would use to explain the services that I got. From CV writing to CV distribution, all the services they are providing are simply amazing. It would be wrong to say that I am not surprised by how fast

Chen Yang
Finance Manager

Thank You is a small word to aprreciate your Resume Distribution Service

CV Distribution and CV writing services are the best and most reliable. They are extremely professional and fast. They keep their promise and assure that you will get the dream job that you have been looking for. I have been living in the UAE for many years but did not

Maria Victoria

Why should I use CV Distribution?

There are many job seekers still not aware of the CV Distribution service benefits. Let us move forward to discuss, why someone should take Resume Forwarding Service if he is conscious about his job or career.

Resume Forwarding Service saves your time and effort

Your CV will never be neglected or ignored by recruiters & HR Managers in UAE

You will have access to the largest recruiter network in the UAE

You just need to share with us your CV only once: We will forward your CV to more than 200,000+ Companies

How you can get a job using Resume Forwarding Service?

Taking Resume Forwarding Service is not a difficult task; you just need to contact us to find out the appropriate package. There is different packages and you will be free to choose any package according to your requirements. Once you confirm a payment, we will start distributing your CV to targeted Companies, HR & Recruiters in UAE.

By taking the CV Distribution service, we will forward your CV directly to hiring managers and to the people who have direct charge of hiring.

UAE Recruiters & Employers will see your resume with great interest and they will try their best to seek the talent in you in several fields.


How CV Distribution Works!

CV Distribution FAQ's

We Send/Distribute your CV on your behalf using advanced email marketing system to distribute your CV to the hiring managers and employers in UAE. Decreasing of the time  you will waste filling up countless job forms, as once you’ve signed up, we will spare your valuable time doing overwhelming task of registering on several websites. Plus, your profile will remain HR’s & Companies’ as potential candidate and jobseeker for further vacancies and therefore your CV will be visible & available every recruiters & companies in UAE.

Yes, within 24 to 48 hours you must be receiving email auto-replies, calls & Interviews from the companies in UAE .

Yes, We can. Just mention which specific emirate you wish to have your CV distributed. in case you fail to mention your area of distribution our team will consider that you are looking for General CV Distribution of UAE.

After the confirmation of your payment.

No, your current employer will not receive your CV or job application, We always make sure not only your current employer is exclude but your previous employers is excluded from the distribution list too.

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